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Rockspace WiFi Extender setup

Are you in the confusion about the setup? The setup of the device is disabled because of the wrong setup steps taken for the device setup. Now step by step unfold the Setup techniques of the Rockspace.

Rockspace Extender Step-By-Step Process

For the Rockspace WiFi Extender setup procedure. Here’s an analysis of all the necessary steps you need to follow. Just ensure that you follow all the steps in the same order.

  • Turn on your Rockspace WiFi Extender through the electric extension.
  • The existing router should also not be without powering up from the WPS button and the socket as well.
  • Therefore, place the extender near the existing router till the setup is completed.
  • Verify the setup through the WPS button on the existing router as well.
  • For an easy setup push the WPS button on both the router and extender.
  • Wait for a short while now till the procedure is complete.
  • After a few seconds, you will see the successful connection of the LED lights turn green.

The Resolving Tips For Extender Not Working

The tips will help the primary connection of the mobile phone or the computer. These will help in the Rockspace extender networks as well in order to log into the Rockspace WiFi extender setup. First, plug the extender into the power supply and turn the extender on. Meanwhile, if you feel like facing any error for ex- Rockspace not working, then use these points.

Maybe the Rockspace gadget is not on and enabled for connection as well. The electric devices first ensure the WiFi-enabled device the network setup is open. If the SSID of the extender is not correct. Follow the given checks of the extender if the Rockspace default SSID is not working, you need to type re.rockspace.local to log in to the interface of the wizard. Log in to the page of the Rockspace extender. The IP address to access the login wizard is This is the shortest and easiest way to log in to the portal. Just write down your administrative password and username. Login to the account by clicking the login to the account of Rockspace.

Check The Antennas Of The Device

If you are still facing some of the issues in your Rockspace WiFi extender then you need to check the antenna’s location. If you have located your device on the left corner of the room then shift the antennas on the other side. This will definitely help in Rockspace WiFi Extender Setup.

If the setup is not complete even after attempting these tips, get in touch with our experts.

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