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Configuration for the re.rockspace.local Wi-Fi extender

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rockspace wifi extender

The rockspace wifi extender functions as a repeater to boost the signal and prevent dead spots when wireless transmission over larger areas is required. The 2.4 GHz band, where the local WiFi extender from re.rockspace.local mostly works, provides full signal coverage and 300 Mbps transfer rates.

Another option is an AC1200 WiFi range extender, which increases the speed and range of the WiFi signal while using multiple bands to strengthen your home network.

The connection to expand the signal will be created quickly after you hit the WPS button to connect to the router.

The device contains a reset button that may be used to restore the WiFi extender to its factory default settings, similar to that. Holding down the reset button is essential until the red indicator shows.

How to Install a Local WiFi Extender?

To connect and install the re.rockspace.local Wi-Fi extender to a device, according to the setup instructions located at http://re.rockspace.local.

The Wi-Fi signal may be increased using the WPS button, or you can log in and check the signal strength using a smartphone and the web interface. Additionally, for the best Wi-Fi coverage and signal quality, your antennas must be correctly configured.

Once the web UI login process has been successfully completed, you may verify the Wi-Fi name and the status of any connected routers or devices. While viewing this page, you may change the Wi-Fi extender’s settings as well as your new login name and password.

Any modified settings must be saved and activated by restarting the add on. However, if you reset the extender, it goes back to its default settings, so you have to configure it all over again.

Luminous Indication

You may move the Repeater by using the colour of the signal LED.

Blue: Correct Position

Red: Bring the Rockspace repeater nearer the router.

Off: Shift the Rockspace repeater into a closer position near the router.

Setup instructions for Re.rockspace.local

The Rockspace wireless range extender firstly enables any router’s wireless signal to be amplified or repeated to offer complete signal coverage in dead-zone zones. Only offline mode at re.rockspace.local or http://re.rockspace.local is available for this extender’s setup.

To set up the Rockspace extender, just adhere to these easy instructions:

  1. First, you must connect the wifi extender into the computer in order to access re.rockspace.local the electrical outlet.
  2. Once the electricity comes on, look up re.rockspace.local
  3. Enter any of these into the address bar to reach
  4. If the Rockspace configuration page on the specific website doesn’t work with one’s preferred browser.
  5. There is no connection to the browser.
  6. Once the configuration page for the Rockspace extender has been accessed, the user has the choice of configuring the device as a range extender or an access point.
  7. Additionally, the website might be reloaded at certain periods of time, and one must adhere to the provided internet directions to finish the Rockspace extender setup.

The specific page will be closed after the setup has been successfully completed by default.

How Can I Fix a Problem With My Rockspace Extender?

Due to incorrect network configuration or changes to the home network, the Rockspace extender may sometimes stop working. For a variety of reasons, a Rockspace extender may stop working or be unable to connect to the home network.

Below are descriptions of the probable situations and their remedies.

There is no signal light on the Rockspace Extender.

In this case, the extender’s connection to the router can be lost if it doesn’t have a consistent signal light. It happens anytime you modify your router’s setup, such as updating the firmware or changing the WiFi password. The steps in-depth troubleshooting for each likely reason are listed below.

Rockspace extender not functioning

  1. Try power cycling your router and extender if the firmware hasn’t been updated.
  2. If you’ve changed the main WiFi password, you must reset your Rockspace extender and install it with the new password. If you’re unclear how to do it, try reading this thread on how to RESET the Rockspace extender.
  3. Make sure the extender is not linked to a surge protector.

The red light on the Rockspace Extender is on.

If the Rockspace extender has a red light on it, there is a connectivity issue. When there are too many obstacles between the main router and the Rockspace extender, or when the extender is unable to get a wifi signal from the router, it happens.

Use the following stated troubleshooting techniques to fix this issue.

  1. Try joining the wifi network with the extender. Depending on the model, they may cover different amounts of land. When positioning your extender, refer to the manual.
  2. Check the router’s WiFi channel settings. Change to automated channel selection or increase it.
  3. Try upgrading the firmware on your router for better performance.

Extender lights are flashing

Your Rockspace extender lights may be flashing uncontrollably due to a hardware issue or a bad firmware upgrade. The failed firmware update was caused by your extender shutting off while it was being updated.

Use the following stated troubleshooting techniques to fix this problem.

  1. If you can, reset your Rockspace extender. Press the Reset button for 20 seconds while it is powered on.
  2. Try to update or reload the firmware.

If your equipment is still covered under warranty, consider replacing it.

Concluding Note

Use these easy steps to configure your re.rockspace.local Wi-Fi extender in just 10 minutes and enjoy unlimited speed!

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