Crucial Tips To Configure Your Rockspace Extender


You can configure the Rockspace extender by visiting the login page at re.rockspace.local. The original web page address won’t work after installation, though. How do you visit re.rockspace.local if the login page is down? To perform any additional modifications or to upgrade the extender’s firmware. Sign-In To The Rockspace Repeater The very first step is […]

How to Improve Network Connectivity From Rockspace Portal

Rockspace wifi extender setup

To get the stable and fastest internet signals at your place, you can install any router or modem. But, what if that device is not able to deliver signals throughout every corner if you have a big house or multi-story building? This is the point where the extender installation comes in. Here we will discuss […]

Uses Of Rockspace Web Portal For Different Purposes

rockspace.local setup

The Rockspace web portal can be accessed by using and searching for the default web or IP address. From there, you can perform a number of processes, such as login, setup, and managing the network. But, to execute these processes you will require to get familiar with the instructions for the entire procedure. Here, in […]

Dual Band AC2100 Rockspace Router Configuration Process

Dual Band AC2100 Rockspace Router

Rockspace AC2100 helps you to enjoy a fast and reliable internet connection without any interruption. The login and configuration process of this device is so easy. Read the lower directions to learn the proper information about the Rockspace AC2100 router. Pros Of AC2100 Dual Band Router Offers coverage in every corner of your office and […]

Configure The Rockspace AC1200 Extender

rockspace ac1200 extender

Are you finding the details on the installation process of the Rockspace WiFi range extender? Then, you visit the correct page. On this page, you will know the proper information regarding the Rockspace AC1200 setup process by which you can easily extend the range of the host router. Let’s start the Rockspace extender setup process! […]

Basic Steps To Connect To The Rockspace Extender

rockspace extender

There are many different tricks to try to fix extenders not connecting issues. Some of the most basic yet effective steps to utilize for resolving extender connection issues are as follows. Easily Configure It With WPS Button First, you need to press the WPS Button on the old router for a minimum of two or […]

Prerequisites For the Re.rockspace.local Setup

Re.rockspace.local Setup

Similar to other wireless WiFi data networking brands in the United States, Rockspace has provided a dedicated web portal to its users for controlling and managing their Rockspace WiFi network. The web portal is re.rockspace.local. It is super easy to access via a web browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Bing, etc. As a user, […]

Simple Setup User Guide Of Rockspace Extender

rockspace extender setup

Rockspace AC1200 is among the best WiFi products. This user guide helps you with all the information about this gadget from introduction to Rockspace Extender setup. You just need to read it carefully. Place The Extender Near The Existing Device Keep the extender in the same room where the WiFi router is placed already. Connect […]

Control The Rockspace Network For Better Efficiency

rockspace network

The regular monitoring and management of the Rockspace router’s network are just as crucial as its flawless configuration. You’ll be able to maintain and obtain the router’s optimized performance if you do this. You can use any web browser to access the management site, or you can use the Rockspace WiFi app. Use and put […]